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Welcome to Ziha Sports...!

Ziha Sports is the one of the leading company in Asia highly experienced and well established in Manufacturers and Exporters of Hockey Equipments and All Sports Goods since 1990.

We are producing Hockey, Fitness, Boxing, MMA, Sports Apparel and Accessories etc. We are using different Kind Of fabric such as Imported/Local Fabric, Knitted/Woven, Mix Cotton/polyester polyester/Cotton, Coated/Uncoated and special fabric on demand of our customers. We always employ skilled worker Who are continuity engaged in producing high quality products for our customer satisfaction to maintain the standard from raw material to final products with latest machines and equipments so this is the reason we are working with famous brand in whole Europe.


Ziha Sports is renowned and Family owned experienced name in manufacturing and exporting business as it was established in 1990.Our Ancestor entered in the business with purity and with simple approach to give quality with maximum services.

Similarly the Third Generation of the family not only maintaining the simple and pure approach of our rich business norms, but also we have entered in the field of International trade bringing together established business and family values, experiences and skills, coupled with pertinent business, knowledge, education and expertise.  So we started with the innovations and now we are classis and trend Setter. In behind of our rich history each year represent our success story which we achieved after satisfying customers need, demand and most importantly after obeying all international Rules and Regulations and Humans Rights.